Flora Fox Face Stone Set Crystal Brooch


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Meet Flora - she's all prepared for a Summertime love-in - should she decide to go to San Francisco.



  • Designed by ERSTWILDER
  • Measures 49mm 49mm
  • Czech glass stones plated in sterling silver
  • Designed in Melbourne and made in China


Limited to just 200 pieces worldwide for high collectability, with its unique edition number 1 - 200 engraved on the reverse side and a certificate of authenticity included. 


Care Instructions

Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or liquids to clean. Instead, to remove any surface grime, gently wipe with a microfibre cloth, gold or silver polishing cloth, or any other cloth which is soft and clean.

Avoid touching the AB crystal stones to keep AB brightness.

Avoid direct contact with perfume.

When not in use, store the piece in its leatherette case, away from other jewellery to prevent tarnishing, scratching or denting.

Keep stored in a dry place, away from heat or light.


About Erstwilder

Erstwilder is a proudly Melbourne-based label. They design and produce collectible, limited run layered resin adornments, all fashioned to keep your outfits extraordinary and your days dandy.

Erstwilder source components across Asia and manufacture in China. Their teams visit the production facilities regularly each year to ensure that workers are operating in an environment which is fair and ethical, and that the small family owned and operated business responsible for our production shares these values. No employees are under the age of 18, salaries increase each year in line with living costs and all employees are entitled to join unions should they so choose. Additionally, an independent government organisation visits the facility to ensure all production processes are safe.


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