Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne

Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne

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Sustainable fashion is not fashion that will last the test of time, although it can also have that meaning. As consumers have become more aware in recent years, sustainable fashion is more to do with the elimination of waste, utilising recyclable materials to have a new life, while also focusing on the ethical treatment of workers. As consumers grapple with the sustainability and ethics of mass production these 80 Melbourne makers offer a gentle—and beautiful—alternative. From clothing and shoes to jewellery and hats this guide showcases the incredible talent of the Melbourne creative scene.

With rich photographs and intimate interviews, Sustainable & Fashionable—Melbourne shines a light on these producers while inspiring purchasers to seek out and support ethical and creative artisans in our community. With climate change at the forefront of our minds, most individuals/ households can make sustainable and significant changes by implementing small, often one-off, measures. Extending this mindset to the way we purchase our fashion statements, and Sustainable & Fashionable provides the perfect guide to the best in Melbourne.

From the Introduction to Sustainable & Fashionable—Melbourne: “Ethics and sustainability have historically not been high priorities of the fashion industry where trends and low costs are the main drivers. But for many consumers, there is a growing appreciation for knowing where your clothing has come from and who has made it.”

These 80 Melbourne makers are at the forefront of this conscientious movement by offering an alternative to big brands and fast fashion. Sustainable & Fashionable—Melbourne also features an expanded directory of Australia-wide sustainable and ethical brands.

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